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Amazing LED creative display

Driven by urbanization, Internet + and smart city construction, the small-pitch LED market will fully demonstrate its advantages. In the field of large screen splicing, it will compete with DLP and LCD products to accelerate penetration. According to the market analysis of the small-pitch LED display screen in 2015, it is not difficult to see that there are two characteristics in the domestic small-pitch LED market.

First, the strength of the leader is still strong, and the number of pursuers has increased significantly

In 2014, the market concentration of small-pitch LED display screens was still strengthening. However, by 2015, “market concentration” did not rise and fall. According to statistics, some industry-leading companies have an average annual growth rate of only 20% in 2015. Compared with 2014, the speed has dropped by two-thirds, and the number of small-pitch LED companies with better sales has increased to more than 10.

Due to the low product threshold and the downturn of the traditional outdoor LED screen market, more manufacturers entered the small-pitch LED display market with a very high profit margin, and in 2015 formed a "outstanding power" explosion. However, the brand image of some industry leaders has been established, the market size has been formed, and its market position is not easy to shake.

Second, the home is far away, still based on commercial

In 2015, the application range of small-pitch LED display screens still dominated by the government and the military, and its share increased. In 2014, the military used small-pitch LED displays to account for 24% of the total. By 2015, this proportion had risen to 31%. In 2014, government and public service projects accounted for 20% of the overall application of small-pitch LED. By 2015, This figure rose to 24.4%. Overall, the commercialization of small-pitch LED is still evident.

Compared with the traditional engineering display market, the breadth and potential of the home market have obvious advantages. Since 2014, the discussion on the “home” of small spacing has begun to enter the vision of many companies. However, since the home market is sensitive to product prices and the reliability of products is extremely high, the breakthrough in the home market has remained almost zero. It can be said that the householdization of small-pitch LED is still a long way to go.