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Window Projection


Window projection, also known as electronic window or digital window, is an integrated system of software and hardware based on optical principle. It is an innovative form of expression. It can paste professional optical imaging film on the inside of ordinary street window or indoor window to realize imaging. It can pre-fabricate the function and business information of the merchants, and then project them onto the glass imaging film by projector to attract potential customers passing by.

Using the window as the load,, you can see everything in the glass wall through the floating image, enhance the product exposure, use the latest window projection technology to attract people, control the advertising content, and minimize the cost of advertising.


Window decoration:Fashionable, transparent display technology and window are integrated. When there is no image display, it is completely transparent, and it becomes a part of window decoration.

Information inquiry:Glass window can provide customers with a full range of functions such as product retrieval, feedback, online shopping and so on, bringing huge double benefits for businesses and customers.

Eye-catching:Compared with traditional display methods such as ordinary LED wall and LCD TV, window display area is larger, brightness and contrast are higher, the image is unique, and the image display has more magical features, which can fully attract consumers' attention.

Window projection features

Randomness: It can be attached to any medium, such as transparent glass, LCD device, LED display device, etc.

Fashion: The hologram projection film is transparent and almost invisible to the naked eye.

Shock: The size of the hologram projection film can now reach 100 inches.

Advantages of window projection system

Compact structure, light weight, easy to install on the window, glass or film, without special frame.

Installed on the back of the glass, there are no parts or wires outside the window, and it is safe to use.

No mechanical or pressure sensing components, reliable and durable.

It is insensitive to external light source, and the change of surrounding light will not affect its effect.

Window projection has become the development trend of the future window. Although this does not mean that it can completely replace the conventional window, this new window mode will blossom in many areas and promote the development and publicity of the brand.

Principle of Window Projection

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