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Inquiry machine (with Touch screen)


The touch inquiry machine is a touch-one machine that covers a multi-size small-size display screen. The main body is smooth and beautiful, and it is light, simple and fashionable. It has a strong sense of the times and can be used for information, libraries, exhibition halls, business halls and other occasions. The desktop touch-one machine is a proprietary user interface application system with multiple applications for smart phones. It can make excellent visual effects and viewing angles for users of different heights, standing postures and sitting postures.


Easy to operate: Just enter the information world with the relevant department buttons on the touch screen, the information can include text, animation, music, video, games, etc.

Friendly interface: Customers don't need to know the professional knowledge of the computer, they can clearly understand all the information, tips and instructions on the touch machine. The interface is suitable for customers of all levels and ages.

Rich information: The amount of information stored is almost unlimited. Any complex information can be incorporated into the multimedia system. The information is rich in variety, and it can be both audio-visual and versatile.

Dynamic networking: The system can establish various network connections according to user needs, such as dynamic query with telecom business network, internal LAN, traffic signals, etc.

System advantages

Infrared touch, electrical touch, high touch sensitivity, fast speed, no drift.

Industrial high-performance LCD screen ensures high image clarity, high brightness and stability.

Multiple signal interfaces to support multiple signal inputs/outputs.

High reliability and high stability, suitable for education, exhibition, public media, video conferencing, military management, traffic management, etc.

Application Field of Inquiry machine (with Touch screen)

Due to high compatibility, in the trading center lobby, business hall, postal business hall, tax collection hall, city street (city information inquiry), office building, airport, station, bank, museum, library, exhibition, hospital, we can see the touch inquiry machine for many occasions such as hotels and hotels.

MOMO-LED:Inquiry machine (with Touch screen) MOMO-LED:Inquiry machine (with Touch screen)