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Transparent Showcase


The display screen can be as transparent as glass, and at the same time, it can ensure the color richness and display of the dynamic surface. Therefore, the transparent screen interactive display device can not only allow the user to look at the exhibits behind the screen at close range, but also allow the user to interact with the dynamic information of the transparent screen.

This singular and more technologically-sounding pipeline can make boring and boring advertisements interact with consumers' true feelings, provide the most eye-catching advertising effects, and enable more people to experience the fun of interaction. And shocking and technological sense.


Energy-saving and environmental protection: With wide viewing angle technology, it has full HD and wide viewing angle, and its power consumption is reduced by 90% compared with traditional LCD screens.

透Transparent fashion: more creative and fashionable elements, simple and stylish, its unique transparent display technology leads the new trend of advertising in the current era.

Cost saving: the display screen of the transparent display cabinet simplifies the production process, improves production efficiency, saves the overall input cost, and is more creative and technological.

Ultra-thin and light: thinner, lighter and more convenient than ordinary LCD screens! Lightweight and convenient window design, easy to change exhibits at any time.

Multi-functional display: physical display and digital multimedia information release can be carried out at the same time, creating more vivid new media, bringing more opportunities to users with new display methods.

System advantages

The image quality is improved, because it does not need to use the light reflection imaging principle to directly image.

Simplify the production process, improve production efficiency and save input costs.

More creative, more technological elements, can be called a new generation of smart digital signage.

Open interface, which can integrate multiple applications, and record and record the playback time, playback times and playback range of media content, and achieve stronger human-computer interaction function while playing.

Application Field of Transparent Showcase

Focusing on multimedia presentations and digital experience products and integrated solutions based on virtual reality technology, the company focuses on museums, science and technology museums, planning halls, large shopping malls, tourist attractions, advertising media, exhibitions, real estate sales and other application areas.