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LED transparent screen


The LED transparent screen is also known as the LED screen, the LED glass screen, and the LED screen. The glass screen LED screen is generally installed in commercial buildings, shopping centers, banks, commercial streets, linked stores, shops, municipal public buildings, landmarks, and so on. It not only has the application of LED screen, but also has a certain aesthetic concept and concealment. The glass wall LED display screen belongs to the high-end lighting products, which plays an irreplaceable role in the modern urban lighting project.

Adopt LED transparent screen can save a large part of the outer wall lighting equipment, at the same time LED transparent screen has more absorption, it can save cost and benefit. More than 80% of the penetration effect makes the glass retain the function of light transmission, and it is almost impossible to see the existence of LED from a distance, so that the space near the glass wall is not affected.


High brightness:the brightness of the outdoor LED display screen is greater than that of the 8000mcd/㎡, and it is the only large display terminal that can be used whole day in the outdoor; the brightness of the indoor LED screen is greater than that of the 2000mcd/㎡.

Life cycle:LED life span is more than 100000 hours (10 years). There is no problem under the same operating conditions for at least five years.

Large viewing angle:indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees.

Thin Surface area:the screen area can be large or small, as small as less than one square meter, and can reach hundreds or thousands of square meters.

In terms of display effect:the high brightness, wide viewing angle and good color reduction ability of LED screen are also superior to those of LCD screen.


High permeability rate:using LED display screen combined with shutter structure principle, through lamp bar flat row produces void formation transparent permeability ratio 75%, light transmission ventilation does not affect day-lighting and sight.

Seamless stitching:meet our pursuit of more beautiful picture flexible installation can adopt video extension technology for any size ensure that images are not distorted when viewing images and color distortion is not distorted.

High definition display color saturation:screen resolution reaches 1920 * 1080, improve image clarity, color saturation every detail is visible, enjoy better visual experience.

Curved heteromorphism:transparent screen has a strip module structure and customize shape PCB board, can be spliced into arbitrary sizes and any graphics shaped screen, such as star shape, text, pattern, etc arrangement style, beautiful and fashionable.

Intelligent control:three supports such as computer, tablet PC, mobile phone etc. Screen + data cloud + APP Wi-Fi networking, convenient for use and flexible application.

System advantages

Transparent LED window screen products are fixed size, can be suspended, hanging, moving. Larger sizes can be customized according to the size of the installation location.

Based on the development of a new product of the traditional LED display, it is composed of a single LED lantern.

High transparency, good heat, light weight, suitable for building facade, suitable for installation in front of glass screen wall, easy to install and repair, no need to structure, save cost and improve efficiency.

Lantern beads have strong anti-collision performance, extremely high visibility rate, and have a penetration rate of 70% to 95%, which ensures the original light transmission function of the glass screen wall.

Save space, Light weight, the thickness of the mainframe board is only 10mm, and the general weight of the display screen is only 15Kg/㎡. There is no need to change the construction structure, and it is directly fixed to the glass screen wall.

Application Field of LED Transparent Screen

At present, the LED display screen has been widely used in glass stack road special effect screen, Led transparent screen, window Led transparent screen, wall Led transparent screen, Led sky screen, transparent LED advertising machine, LED ice screen, rental LED transparent screen, glass stack road LED interactive special effect screen. Scenic LED interactive screen, shopping mall LED interactive transparent screen is mainly used in shopping malls, airports, banks, hotels, car 4S stores, chain brand stores, jewelry display stores, exhibition centers and so on.

Glass window:the application of glass window, the display of high-definition cool, holographic effect and intelligent interaction function without obscuring the image of the shop at all. It is full of the urgent need to attract customers, increase the rate of entry and improve the consumption experience.

Glass wall:the perfect combination with the construction of the glass wall, and the construction of the same, no change to the exterior of the building. During the day, it does not affect the transparency and light of the glass wall, and when the night falls, it will be magnificent and dazzling, making the city more romantic and dreamy.

Dance show:the transparent features of the LED intelligent transparent screen, the interaction function of the mobile phone, the design of the active structure, the diversification of curved surface modeling, and so on, have brought more possibilities for the realization of the special effects of the dance.

Business space:in the indoor environment of large-scale construction and business space, such as airport, high-speed railway station, local railway station, exhibition center, hotel theater, city and business space, etc., to create an absolutely good space environment, in the indoor environment of large-scale construction and business space, such as airport, high-speed railway station, local railway station, exhibition center, hotel theater, city and commercial space, etc.Moreover, it is in perfect harmony with the building and indoor style, and the effect of the media is more visual and effective.

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