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Bracket Advertising Machine


Bracket advertising machine can be moved and placed anywhere, and its stylish design is naturally integrated into the environment. Elegant and simple shape, high-resolution display effect, effectively improve the layout of the space, with its shape and excellent picture display for the ads that are played, attracting attention. It will definitely become the fashion highlight of the pavilion. The bracket advertising machine can move your business to various exhibitions and show you everything you want to represent the actual strength of the company.


Horizontal design High quality material Super bearing capacity Large screen size

System advantages

Adopt liquid crystal screen: moment light control technology, backlight brightness on the surface change automatic compensation processing, the surface level is rich, the color is realistic, the degree of restoration is high.

Depth optimization of each pixel: through super-resolution imaging technology, optimize each pixel point, so that each face is real and shocking.

Bass environment: embedded Dolby sound technology, bass environment design and dialogue enhancement.

Intelligent split screen: multiple split screen modes, can play video and video, can also play synchronously, any choice.


Wide use, muti-compatible display screen.

It can be lifted and lowered according to the distance of the vision.

Ergonomic horizontal design, adjustable tilt height.

Application Field of Bracket Advertising Machine

Mainly to achieve building and outdoor LCD advertising, in commercial buildings, store mass merchandisers, campus and other channels, in the form of LCD advertising machine commercial terminal advertising system, to broadcast TV commercials and other programs as a means of expression.

Medical industry: hospital advertising machine with network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can broadcast medicine, registration, hospitalization and other related information. In addition, the advertising machine system solution can be used to enable doctor-patient interaction, provide map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services, which not only simplifies the process of medical treatment, but also facilitates the anxiety of patients.

Retail chain industry: The retail chain advertising machine can help users to publish the latest information on shopping guides, products and promotions in real time with the help of the online LCD advertising machine. The rich display function and vivid color of the LCD advertising machine can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers, and also help users simplify the information release process and ultimately improve the sales performance of users in the retail industry.

Hotel industry: Hotel advertising machine network LCD advertising machine can also display information in the public areas of the hotel, and can provide customers with service information. For example: hotel maps, room use, cuisine recommendations, special offers and other information content. In addition, when needed, the online version of the LCD advertising machine can also develop relevant hotel operation support based on the hotel's original system, such as hotel automatic check-in and check-in services.

Transportation industry: MRT advertising machine, bus advertising machine, airport advertising machine, station advertising machine With the online version of the LCD advertising machine, users can timely update and release the latest timetable and other traffic information. In addition, users can create additional display features, such as scrolling through entertainment clips, or playing sports, entertainment, and other news programs to provide entertainment and waiting time for waiting passengers. In view of the huge traffic flow of stations, airports, etc., users can also play various product advertisements to create economic benefits for merchants.

Education industry: The school advertising machine can use the network LCD advertising machine to broadcast safety education videos, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports activities and other places in the school's important activity areas, strengthen safety education, enhance safety awareness, and also pass The network board LCD advertising player plays music videos/news and important notices on campus, especially in the university. The online version of the LCD advertising machine is widely used and becomes a new media in the school. Many merchants use the online version of the LCD advertising machine for the students.

Financial industry: Bank advertising machine With the online version of the LCD advertising machine, financial institutions can better promote the brand image and business. The user uses the LCD advertising system to play financial information such as the benchmark interest rate, display and introduce banking business and event notifications to customers, and broadcast a unified corporate culture, that is, an image promo. At the same time, the online version of the LCD advertising machine can also realize more system functions through integrated resources, such as queuing call number, touch screen, multimedia terminal, etc., to achieve unified information management, no matter how far apart from finance, Remote control management, which brings considerable economic effects to the financial industry.

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