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Holographic Projection


The front-projected holographic display is a kind of 3D technology. It is originally used to record and reproduce the true 3D image technology of objects. Then with the guidance of sci-fi movies and commercial propaganda, the concept of holographic projection gradually extended to commercial activities such as stage performances and exhibitions.

Using MOMO-LED holographic display projection technology, it is widely used in advertising media, stage background, research and teaching, game entertainment, and other industries.


Shopping malls and specialty stores: random combinations of sizes and large screens.

Bars, restaurants: Enjoy life and enjoy “vision” at this moment.

Airport, subway: silent venue focus, people's attention.

Large-scale event venues: a new experience, eye-catching.


RGB color display, display saturated and delicate, bright colors, restore the real image.

Support various multimedia formats, lossless HD playback (MP4, AVI, RMVB, GIF, JPG, PNG).

System Advantages

WIFI link, APP operation, convenient and fast.

The equipment technology is novel, the cost is lower than the traditional external LED equipment.

Content can support DIY, professional algorithm, one-click conversion 3D format.

Special display principle, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Principle of Holographic Projection

Front-projected holographic display, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technique for recording and reproducing the recording and reproduction of a true three-dimensional image of an object using the principles of interference and diffraction.

MOMO-LED:Holographic Projection

Application Field of Holographic Projection

With its vivid and vivid expression, beautiful and elegant environmental appeal, and its powerful visual impact, holographic projections are favored by consumers and widely used in advertising media, stage background, research and teaching, games and entertainment.

MOMO-LED:Holographic Project Application Areas Advertising Media, Stage Background, Scientific Research Teaching, Game Entertainment, etc.