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Logo projection lamp is a new type of advertising product with high timeliness efficiency and fashion. With the principle of optical projection and high brightness light source, the full-color advertisement content on the negative can be projected onto the exterior wall of high-rise buildings to form the outdoor advertisement with great visual impact at night. It is an idea advertisement that breaks through people's habitual ideas, arousing people's curiosity, making your publicity reach the best and most beautiful publicity effect. It is suitable for the spotlight performance of expositions, museum exhibitions and gallery exhibitions, and it will leave you a special image of the advertisements and the creation of atmosphere in brand marketing, PUB, KTV, Karaok, coffee houses, department stores, etc.

Logo projector only needs to replace pictures for replacing advertisements. Traditional poster takes a longer time to manufacture than the projector, and it is more expensive, so the projector can save time and money. Projection advertisement only needs to afford very low cost of picture. It saves enormous cost in site layout, picture making and so on, greatly reducing the cost of advertisement. The device debugging of projection lamp is simple and fast, and outdoor machine is windproof and rainproof, not requiring special guard, so it is both environmental protection and energy-saving advertising mode with unlimited market prospects.

The use of logo projection technology can deepen the customer's impression of the company's trademark, thus subtly achieving an effect of increasing the visibility of the trademark, trademark projection can reduce the cost of publicity.


Exterior wall projection: equipped with high-definition adjustable lens and ceiling mount for high-definition images at different distances.

Interior wall projection: using imported lamp beads and advanced concentrating system, the light utilization rate is up to 90%, the stability is good, the light efficiency is high, and the life is long.

Ground projection: large projected area, large area can be cast in short distance, and the image is clear and bright.


Environmental protection and safety: Projection advertisement can overcome the shortcomings of ordinary billboards and light boxes, such as high power consumption, fading over time, being easily destroyed, smeared and polluted. It adopts optical principle imaging, with less power consumption and light weight, and it does not destroy floor and ground, not affecting the site environment and overall planning, without any pollution, with strong wind resistance.

Novelty and fashion: It is the first time to use lighting to present advertising content internationally and domestically. There are many successful cases in Beijing Wangfujing Street, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing Three Gorges Square and Chongqing Jiefangbei Commercial Pedestrian Street.

Flexible and efficient delivery: Projection advertisement can release advertisement picture or change advertisement content in a few minutes. The equipment is invested once and used many times, which is convenient for seasonal promotion.

Animation and other novel effects: Dynamics is the most attractive visual element. Projection advertisement can produce many novel effects through the application of some special technologies, such as circle effect, clock effect, and wind effect and so on, which can more effectively attract people's attention.

System Advantages

Zoom lens projection is clearer, high-transparent ultra clear optical lens.

Silent heat dissipation, harsh materials, alloy materials, three-dimensional heat dissipation, greatly improving service life.

Aluminum alloy bracket, the bracket can be rotated, the angle can be adjusted freely, and can be adjusted to the angle bracket at will, to meet the angle requirement, more humanized.

Painted wrought iron body, made of precision cast iron, easy to fix, anti-extrusion, anti-oxidation, durable.

Principle of LOGO screen projection

MOMO-LED:Principle of LOGO screen projection

Application Field of LOGO PROJECTION

There are many functions of trademark projection. It can be used not only for advertising but also for lighting, environment and scenic beauty. It can be widely used in road marking, restaurant decoration, scenic area marking, industrial marking, garage management, stage lighting, exhibition. Meetings, commercial monopolies, large-scale celebrations and performances, clubs, dance halls, commercial advertisements, advertisements for facade advertisements, smart car instructions, and road trees beautify and brighten.

MOMO-LED:Trademark projection application station, shopping mall, large shopping mall entrance, disco, KTV entertainment venues, etc.