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Fog Screen Projection


Air screen projection imaging is a new kind of air imaging equipment.The device uses the imaging principle of a mirage to present light and shadow images with the help of particles present in the air. Use a thin layer of water wall instead of the traditional projection screen, so that you can travel freely through the screen image to achieve the virtual effect that the real person can enter the visual surface.Using chemical equipment to generate a large number of artificial devices, combined with the principle of air flow, the resulting screen can be generated to form a plane gas screen, and then the projection device can be projected onto the screen, and then a virtual image can be formed in space.Form a kind of three-person space image, give people a new kind of visual enjoyment, and its image gives people the feeling of being planned among people, and it is also true and illusory, like being in a fairyland and living in a pool.

Fog screen projection has a strong visual impact, clear special effects, a variety of contents, can effectively improve customer interaction, and screen projection will not cause any damage to people, and the projection medium is no longer immutable.


Magic Stage: MOMO-LED uses creative and digital means to combine sound, light, electricity, shadow, sound, water and other special effects effects into powerful images.

Membrane film imaging: the restaurant diverts magic, with less investment, to create a brand-name restaurant.

Immersive 5D dynamic wall surface: let the wall change as desired, and also can edit and edit the dynamic scene independently, with both aesthetic and marketing functions.


The inner part of the product adopts integrated ultrasonic core, which is no mechanical drive, quiet, no noise, high optimization efficiency, producing a certain concentration of negative ions, with low failure rate and simple maintenance.

The box body is made of all stainless steel and sprayed with plastic. It is practical and beautiful in appearance. It is equipped with standard water supply nozzle, water discharge switch and overflow nozzle, and automatic water level control.

Raw materials of fog: Ordinary tap water, environmental protection and energy saving.

Every fog screen unit can be used independently or in combination to form various shapes, such as planes, arcs, etc.

The fog screen generator can project the calculator, program, infrared ray, laser and radar through the projector to the fog screen through the wind field in light speed, forming a variety of dynamic and virtual images.

The fog screen is non-toxic, odorless, environmental protection, and it can produce negative ions. It can also purify the air, and tourists can interact with the fog screen heartily.

System advantages

The fog of the fog screen will not accumulate in the room, the power is turned off, and the gas is completely vaporized.

Small installation requirements for the site, can be installed in the hall, passage, doorway, elevator, etc.

The device has both hanging and floor-mounted installation methods, which facilitates equipment installation and improves space efficiency.

The overall design of the equipment has been tested and tested for many years. It has a compact structure and reasonable matching. There is no high-power motor and no noise during operation.

Fog screen projection is an air-stable imaging device that uses a thin layer of mist wall instead of the traditional projection screen, it can be a fine display of objects, 3D models, games, but also creating a virtual assistant or console.

Principle of fog screen projection

MOMO-LED:Principle of fog screen projection

Application Field of fog screen projection

Based on the unique characteristics of fog screen illusory imaging, it has broad market prospects. It can be fully used as a display platform in stage, exhibition and advertisement. It is also widely used in tourist attraction, science and technology museum, museum, exhibition hall, airport, station, shopping mall, entrance of large shopping mall, disco, KTV entertainment venue, enterprise exhibition hall, new product presentation, entertainment venue, theme education hall, children's science park, etc. as a new display media.

MOMO-LED:Stage, Exhibition, Advertising in the Field of Fog Screen Projection Application
MOMO-LED:The application fields of fog screen projection include tourist attractions, science and technology museums, museums, exhibition halls, airports, stations, shopping malls, etc.